Dianne Bennett is the owner and operator of the Cinema Suites Bed and Breakfast. Residing on Elm Drive in Beverly Hills for decades, Dianne wrote the music column for The Hollywood Reporter and was a power broker in the music industry for fifteen years.  Also a Talent Manager and a Publicist, she still keeps her hand in the game.

Dianne loves real estate, and the purchase of this historical house was the result of her first series of successful real estate transactions. Originally the home to the most famous furrier to the stars in the golden age of Hollywood, when Dianne acquired 925 South Fairfax Avenue the house had been abandoned for 40 years. When she purchased the house there was nothing but weeds in the yard, all of the fixtures had been stripped from inside the house and there was serious damage to the interior.

During the time she was restoring this big rambling house she would get calls from her out of town friends in the film, television and music industries when they were coming into town for work and Dianne often found herself saying, “Why don’t you come stay with me, I’ve got plenty of room”.

Knowing how hard it is to find reasonably priced accommodations close to Beverly Grove and Beverly Hills where everyone wants to be, Dianne found herself saying, to herself, “I have a great house, I like guests, why not make a business out of it?” Voila!, the idea for Cinema Suites Bed and Breakfast was born. Dianne stays in the know about what’s going on in town and she enjoys sharing her insights about LA and the entertainment industry with her guests.  When you stay with us you have Dianne’s cell phone as well as the office number and she is happy to take your calls.

In addition to running Cinema Suites, Dianne takes clients as a matchmaker arranging matches between beautiful women and successful men and she’s actively involved in raising the light of her life, her eight year old granddaughter, Diana.